Sass Is Better Than CSS Right Now?

  Sass is better than CSS right now? Well, over the years CSS has been difficult and time-consuming, especially for newbie developers or programmers, there are many reasons for this but just as we are going to explain all this it’s important to know what is Sass?   What isRead More

Wordpress Developers Will Overrule Web Developers In The Future(This is why)

WordPress Developers will overrule web developers because, for a long time, WordPress developers have been overlooked by web developers or people who code websites from scratch because they feel WordPress Developers are majorly just designing as it is famously called “drag and drop”. But, web developers fail to understand the moreRead More

Pure JavaScript Functions Tutorial

  JavaScript functions are the fundamental building blocks. A function is basically a set of statement that performs a task or calculate a value. We are going to focus on: Inputs Arguments   An example of a JavaScript function is: function  greet ( ) { } Note: what is insideRead More

When we talk about backlinks we talk about a link that connects from a page on one website to another. The website receiving these links often refers to them as inbound links or incoming links and the website that sends these links to another website refers to them as outboundRead More