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Small Business Ideas To Start From Home

Every individual needs  small business ideas that will help them in paying their bills,

buying cool stuff for themselves, partner or children. Unfortunately this hasn’t been the case for most people,

this is because most people don’t know where to start from, 

Some individuals might sayI’m good at calculations and logic but I don’t have good communication skills.”

Some people might actually say, I don’t have money to start and some are just confused”.

We can assure you, by the end of this article you would be able to choose a business idea,

 from any of our small business ideas whether you are a man, woman,or  teenager

But the most important thing is discipline, if you are not disciplined or patient in seeing your brand grow, 

or lack leadership and not focused in achieving your goal as a businessman or an entrepreneur

it would be difficult to see your small business ideas grow. Well, let’s get started.




  • The Small Business Ideas To Start From Home.
  • Small Business Ideas For Men.
  • The Small Business Ideas For Women.
  • Small Business Ideas For Teens
  • The  Small Business Ideas For Teenage Girls.






The Small Business Ideas To Start From Home


  1. Personal Chef: 


This is a small business idea that you can start at the comfort of your home. 

You actually don’t need any certification to be a good personal chef. 

You simply just need to be able to cook good and nutritious food that will make your new customers order for more next time.

This is a day to day small business idea that you can start every Monday from 1pm-5pm,

and deliver the food within 15 minutes to your customers.

The only thing you need to start this business is a cooking gas and foodstuff which you can buy from the grocery store or a supermarket.

To start this business you actually need a business name, create social media profiles of your brand,

create a small website, start writing articles on different nutritious food on your website, 

you also let people know that you actually can cook this food,

and lastly optimize your contents optimize your contents for SEO to start getting traffic and orders.





2. Online ProofReading

This is actually a skill  and also a small business idea that you can start from home.

We actually have an article on this skill on our freelancing category.

This skill actually involves you editing and punctuating articles and documents for companies on freelancing platforms.

In fact, this is an underrated skill because a lot of companies always want individuals to edit their documents,

as they are often busy doing so themselves. This is why they look for individuals,

who can get this done on Fiverr. As simple as this skill maybe a lot of  Individuals underrate,

and neglect the chances of creating a business around this. 

We say it’s simple because you can actually use online tools like smallSEOtools to edit and punctuate documents.




3. Homemade Soaps And Detergent:


There has been an increase in the price of soaps and detergent recently.

And a lot of individuals are looking for companies or business startups that sell at a cheaper price.

This is a small business idea that you can start from home that you don’t want to miss,

This is because the ingredients used in making homemade soap and detergent are vegetable oil, distilled water, colorants e.t.c.

You can actually learn this skill at the comfort of your home by learning it either on YouTube

or buying a course on Udemy. Meanwhile, you have to brand the business by making a logo of your brand, 

creating a website, writing articles on your website related to soaps and detergent and optimizing your contents For SEO.

Lastly, posting your homemade soaps and detergent on social media.




Small Business Ideas For Men


  1. Podcasting: 


Podcasting is actually among a list of small business ideas for men that you can do as a man,

this is a skill that involves being fluent in any Language whether English, Spanish, Igbo, Yoruba, Hausa, Cantonese e.t.c.

You can discuss on a wide range of topics from sports, as men enjoy discussing about sports.

and  at the time of this article, the FIFA 2022 World Cup In Qatar was going on,

you can actually discuss about it on your podcast.

You can also discuss about health, education, gospel, entertainment e.t.c. check this article to get started on podcasting.



2. Sports Training:


Do you know obescity is among the top 5 health issues that can lead to sudden death in the US ?

Well it is.This is actually one of the best small business Ideas for men as you don’t need to own a big gymnasium,

or even a gymnasium at all to start a business around sport training as a man.

The most important thing is you having a strong passion for sports,

having a good grades in physical health education in high school or college and also being physically fit yourself.

This is because you can’t train people if you are not physically fit yourself.

An Image Of A Physically Fit Sport Trainer As A Sport Trainer Is Among Our List Of Small Business Ideas For Men

Image Source: Freepik


In fact, a lot of Businessmen and women are looking for a personal sport trainer,

that will help them in getting fit either before going to work or during weekends.

This can also be football training, basketball training or atlethics

So this is a small business idea as a man that you wouldn’t want to miss,

and instead take advantage of.




3. Blogging:


A lot of men are most times shy, if you are among such men,

then blogging is among our list of small business for men that you can do.

As blogging is among a list of  business ideas that you can discuss,

about many topics from sports, entertainment, educational, health, latest games.

Even without users knowing who you are, just incase you take your privacy seriously.

You can actually start blogging by learning how to use WordPress. We can assure you,

 within a day or two you should be able to know how to create a blogging site.




4. YouTube:


As a man if you enjoy discussing about topics at the front of a camera,

or you talk to yourself daily, then YouTube is for you.

As you can discuss on a lot of topics on YouTube. In fact, some YouTube channels  discuss about animals

or pets, sports marketing like the YouTube channel called Athletic Interest, coding, music and so much more.

YouTube is a small business idea that you can start from your home and as time goes on,

you can use it as a medium for merchandise.





5. Drop Shipping:


Drop shipping is a small business idea that you can get started with as a man.

Dropshipping actually involves you opening an online store, selling products that is either with you or with a company.

This actually means, you are a middle man at the point of sale

You can simply discuss with a company and they give you some of thier products which you can make money from when you add your profit.

You can open this online store on social media like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook or create an E-commerce website using WordPress

If you can’t get this done, You can fill our contact form and tell us your requirements as we will develop or design one for you.

Dropshipping is among our list of small business ideas for men that can do from home,

that can  generate you thousands of dollars in few months.




  1. Affiliate Marketing:


You can actually become an affiliate marketer, by discussing with startups or companies online, telling them you can sell their products.

And if you can do that, you make money through it via commission.


How do you get started with Affiliate Marketing?

Let’s say you discussed with a website hosting company like Bluehost and you were able to finalize a deal with Blue host,

let’s say  you make 10% per a user who buys the service of  Bluehost, to host his website on the internet.

Now, you can go to  educational blogs  or forums like Reddit, Medium and Quora e.t.c

and create an article around Website Hosting that would let users to take action and need the service of Bluehost.

For example, The Dangers Of Using A Poor Web Hosting For Your Website.

A lot of users will read through and most would click your affiliate link especially,

if you use a good call to action like Act Now or A Limited Offer.




  1. Mobile Mechanic:


This is a business idea that actually involves a skill as you can’t become a mobile mechanic as a man,

 if you don’t have high knowledge in the mechanism of vehicles or motorcycles or generators e.t.c

But if you have a degree or skill in mechanic, you can become a mobile mechanic as most times,

 an individual’s car can  break down in a location far from mechanics. This is where you come in,

 as you can get a job done for a customer at a very high price

and such an individual will have to pay you because he is stranded.

How can you advertise yourself as a mobile mechanic ?

You can simply start by  posting articles on popular forums in your country, for example in Nigeria, one of the biggest forums is Nairaland

You can post articles related to mechanics there and add your phone number at the end of such articles. 

As time goes on, you will start getting calls from people who are stranded or needs your service.




  1. Web Design


Web designing is actually a skill that we have talked a lot in this blog.

And also among our list of small business ideas for men.

As you can actually become a professional web designer within one month,

if you put the effort of designing two websites daily. Within a week your growth in web designing would be suprising to you.

You can sell this skill on freelancing platforms like Fiverr and Upwork and start earning thousands of dollars. 

We currently have a course on webdesigning, if interested in this. You can fill our contact form.






Small Business Ideas For Women


  1. Online Tutors:


If you are a professional teacher, then this is a small business idea that you don’t want to miss.

As you can start teaching private students at the comfort of your home. 

If you have knowledge in singing or dancing, or tailoring or drawing and sketching,

you can also start private lessons for students too online. As they will pay you to learn this skills. 

You can get individuals interested in this knowledge from forums like Medium , Quora by writing articles,

related to your skill and asking individuals to add you up on social media or click the link to your opt-in page.





2.Egg Donor:


Do you know as a woman you can donate between 2000- 5000 eggs? 


Well, you sure can, if only you are relatively young and very healthy.


You can actually make money from this, but we suggest you check this article to learn more .



3. Massage Therapy:


Do you have a spare room at home and you are good at massaging?

You can make this room as your massage studio as a lot of folks are ready to pay someone who is highly skilled in massage therapy.

As they want a massage therapist to ease them of thier daily stress at work or their own business.

This is among our list of small business ideas for women that you don’t want to miss. As sometimes,

you can actually meet clients at thier own homes and start making lots of money.





4. Cake Making And Decorating


If you enjoy baking cakes, then you can start making money from baking cakes,

for people with just your kitchen wear, cake ingredients and oven.


How Can You Get Your Customers?

Be active on events forums by writing articles related to:”The Different Flavors Of Cakes, 

The Risk Of Too Much Sugar In Cakes” and so on.

The more you do this, the more marriage and wedding organizers will get to understand you are a professional at baking cakes.

You can also get customers when you train students online on YouTube as they will recommend you to event planners,

especially when it’s difficult for your students to bake such expensive cakes.




5. Homemade Candy Making :

A lot of individuals prefer homemade candy,

 if you have the skill of making candies then this is a small business idea as a woman that you don’t want to miss.

As, after making this candies, you can package them at small boxes,

and sell them door to door through a local retailer or vendor and start making money.




6. Cosmetics Sales:


You can start making money from cosmetics by being a dropshipper or an affiliate marketer.

This business idea involves good communication, marketing and strong online social media presence.



7. Financial Adviser For Businesses:


Do you have an accounting certificate or business administration certificate?

If you don’t, you don’t need to worry, you can start becoming financially intelligent by buying online courses on statistics, 

watching YouTube videos, start reading financial books like Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki e.t.c

After few months, you can advertise your service on blogs and forums for free. 

The moment, you start getting testimonies,

 this is where you start making money by letting new clients know you have good experience in Financial advisory.





Small Business Ideas For Teens


  1. Streaming


Are you a very good gamer? And your parents feel you wasting your time just playing games everyday.

Well, playing games is among our list of small business ideas for teens to make money from home.

You can actually create a Twitch account and start live streaming

showing people all your historic achievements and entertaining them with games like Uncharted, Fortnite, Call Of Duty e.t.c

And start getting paid by your viewers. 




  1. Dog Walking:


If you love dogs or puppies, then dog walking is for you, especially because it’s fun.

This is a small business idea that is easy to start and scale as a teenager to start making money.




  1. Social Media Consulting:


If you are an Innovative teen and you don’t like being in the spotlight this is for you.

As brands are ready to pay Innovative teens who can Increase thier online presence

and also move thier business forward with thier ideas.




  1. Content Writing Or Ghost blogging:


A lot of start ups find it difficult to keep up with writing articles on thier website.

This is why they are always looking for professional content writers who can write good articles that are SEO friendly.

The good news is, you can use online editing tools like smallSEOtools to correct your grammar, check for plagiarism, punctuations and many more.

As well as Keyword Research tools like Google Keyword planner.

And you can use content writing to start making money online as a teen.




  1. Social Media influencing:


If you have a very big online presence, with thousands of followers.

You can make money online  by advertising big brands on your WhatsApp status, Telegram channel, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter e.t.c 

And get paid by these brands.





The Small Business Ideas For Teenage Girls



  1. Lip Gloss :

As a teenage girl, there is a possibility you might have female friends, who can’t do without lip gloss.

This your advantage, buy at a low price from a local retailer,

or someone who sells homemade and sell to your friends and start making money. 

As this is one of the small business ideas for teenage girls that don’t require much capital.

And can actually project you to become an entrepreneur in the future.



2. Crochet Diys:


You can make anything with crochet from crochet clothes to crochet animals and this is a small business idea, 

you don’t want to miss as it’s currently trending especially Crochet animals.(images)


An Image Of Crochet Animal As This Is Among Our List Of Small Business Ideas For Teenage Girls


Image Source: Pinterest


3.Custom Tote Bags:


If you are someone who has a very good art skill, then this small business idea is for you. 

An Image Of A Tote Bag

Image Source: TotallyBranded



As you can start painting, customizing plain tote bags and start selling them to make money online.




4. Phone Cases:


Whether you are a teenager,you can start selling phone cases by buying them from a manufacturer,

or home made at a low price  and start selling them to your friends who are teenage girls,

or guys  at a high price to make money online as a teen.




5. Babysitting:


This is a small business idea that has zero start up cost and low financial investmentzero start up cost and low financial investment.

You can start making money with babysitting,

and you can also use this opportunity to understand the downside of business and also how to save too.downside of business and also how to save too.





6. Jewellery Or Bead Making:

A lot of teenage girls, like jewelleries. You can actually learn how to make these jewelleries and beads on YouTube.

Within two months, you should be able to start making good attractive beads and jewelleries,

and sell to your female friends in school.



  1. Birthday Cards


You can start making birthday cards  either digitally or physically and sell to your friends in school and start making money.




  8. Graphics Designing:


You can Learn this skill by buying a course on Udemy or watching YouTube videos and become decent within 3-6 months.

And  start making money by designing simple logo designs for start ups, like individuals setting up an E-commerce business.

You can actually learn this skill as a guy and also as a girl in thier early teens or late teens.



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