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How To Increase Your Value As A Businessman To The Market?

As a businessman, you ought to be focused on two things:

  • Improving Your Business
  • Improving Yourself


The truth is, the only way you can improve your business especially as a businessman starting from scratch,

Is if you actually increase your value to the market and how can you do that? Well let’s find out.


Key Points

By the end of this article:


  • You will get to know how Warren Buffet increased his value.
  • And you will also get to know how to increase your value by solving problems.


How Can You Increase Your Value As A Businessman To The Market

  1. Have A Knowledge Of All Trades:


During the medieval period and the 20th century, 

the most respected men in the world are those who are a master of one trade,

from Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Robert Hooke, Nikola Tesla etc.

Most people fail to understand the reason why thier mastery,

is celebrated till this day is because they achieved a lot without the available information that we possess today.

For example, Let’s assume we are still in the early 20th century, 

in which Nikola Tesla plans on making Electricity free and available for mankind, unfortunately he couldn’t achieve this in reality.

An Image Of Nikola Tesla

Image Source: Wikipedia


But, there is a possibility some science books were rare to find,

and some were limited due to they were written 200 years ago or more with limited marketing.

In essence, one of the reasons they were celebrated is because,

they either took the risk of getting this rare science books or became successful without them.

But today, the internet is wide open for everyone, 

with information as old as 400 years old and more available on Wikipedia and other blogs. 

Now, if you are a master of just one trade, you are not going to be celebrated as before.

This is why it’s important you focus on personal development and learning things related to your niche or outside your niche.

For example, if you are a Web designer or Web developer,

it’s important you have a little or good knowledge in, 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing,and also learn leadership Skills.

we talked about this in this article:What Seperates A Good Leader From A Follower And How Business Is Affected?

having knowledge in psychology,this will help you to understand your employees more.

The more you increase your knowledge in different trades, 

the more you are able to increase your value as a businessman to the market.




2. Learn To Help Other People Win:


When it comes to helping other people, 

for example, this can be your employee, who is still finding it difficult to adapt,

and you are there for him by making him understand it’s not that difficult instead of yelling at him.

And when such employee starts getting it right, he would never joke with the job or joke with you, 

in essence this automatically increases your value to him.

This can also be your friends that are in different business niche

the way you put effort in helping them solve thier problem, by helping them win,

the more they will advertise your brand and automatically the more this increases your value.

Lastly, you can increase your value by helping a mentor to win, years ago the current richest stock investor, 

A Picture Of Warren Buffet Explaining How To Increase Your Value As A Businessman To Your Market

Image Source: Forbes


Warren Buffet was ready to work for  the father of value investing  Benjamin Graham, who is also,


An Image Of The Father Of Value Investing Benjamin Graham

Image Source: Investopedia


the author of “The intelligent Investor” for free. Warren Buffet knew if he works for Benjamin Graham for free, 

An Image Of A Value Investing Book Called The Intelligent Investor By Benjamin Graham

Image Source: Stockmatch


he will be able to gain more knowledge from him in the world of stocks. Although at first,

Benjamin Graham wasn’t comfortable with the idea and in fact told Warren Buffet ” You are overpriced”.

Later, he got to understand, Warren Buffet was the one who will carry his legacy,

 and today according to Forbes, Warren Buffet is currently the fifth richest man in the world,

as at November 2022 with over $100 billion dollars.

How did he become this wealthy?

He increased his value by learning from his mentor who was also a successful stock Investor during his time.

So you can do this too, by working for your mentors for free to gain more knowledge from them.

In fact, this is why we made this article: Seven things A Businessman Should Never Take For Granted. 



3. Never Complaining About The World Instead Finding Solutions:


If you want to increase your value as a businessman to the market, 

you need to stop seeing your problems as threats and start seeing them as opportunities.

You can only become tougher or increase your value when you are able to solve problems.

This is why the author of “Your Next Five Moves” By Patrick Bet-David said” before you venture into business,

choose a niche you have a higher advantage of, so if difficulties arises you won’t get tired of finding a solution to the problem“.


An Image Of A Book Called Your Next Five Moves

Image Source: Goodreads


This book is a must read,  especially if you are new into business or trying to find your purpose in life.

Note: if you can’t purchase it from an online book shop,

you can just download the audio from YouTube for free by clicking the video below:

Now, even if your niche is tough and you can’t change it ,

you can still be on top of your game by making your mentors win and learning from them,

or have a knowledge of all trades. The more you do this the more the problems,

you encounter will seem familiar to you,

due to your experience with your mentors or other books in other niche that you have read.

And with this, this increases your value as a businessman to the market.




Conclusion On How To Increase Your Value As A Businessman To The Market


The only way you can increase your value as a businessman to the market is by

  • Have A Knowledge Of All Trades As You Can’t Solve Problems Without Knowledge.:
  • Learn To Help Other People Win
  • Never Complaining About The World Instead Finding Solutions



I hope we have been able to brighten your mind,

if this article is very helpful, please let us know in the comments, and share.

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