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Learn JavaScript Online First  Before Learning React( This is Why)

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Well,a lot of beginners learn React before JavaScript or learn little JavaScript online first before learning React.

When they start building React’s projects, it becomes very difficult for them to understand or actually get the project done.

So, if you are familiar with enough JavaScript concepts, then it’s safe to say learning React wouldn’t be difficult.

Because, a lot of beginners just learn the basics of JavaScript,

and when they start building complex projects, it becomes more difficult.

This is because they focus on the projects and assume they know some JavaScript concepts.


Key Points

  • You Get To Know The Most Important Concept You Need To Learn In JavaScript Before You Learn React




Concepts You Should Learn In JavaScript Before Learning React


When you take some JavaScript concepts for granted, you will start having problems in React, 

This is because a lot of things you learn in  JavaScript  are used in React.

Some of the concepts you have to learn are having knowledge of how and where variables are scoped, 

learn how callbacks work and also how passing functions to other functions work.

One of the mistakes a lot of beginner react developers make is using functions inside events listener list the wrong way.

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Arguably, the most important concept you need to learn in React is knowing how references and values work.

This is because the way you make logic In  React relies on understanding how references and values work.

And if you don’t understand this, you will constantly run into bugs that are impossible for you to fix.

You also need to understand the difference between a double equal sign (==) and the tripple equal sign(===).

And how type coercion works inside of JavaScript.

If you don’t understand coercion you will be lost when learning React or working on React projects.


More Concepts

Another thing you need to understand is advanced logic, this is because short circuiting is one of those things you encounter on react.

One thing you need to learn online first in JavaScript especially when writing HTML in,

React is all the different advanced Array methods such as filter, sort and map.

You will see all these things in React because they are meant for changing state and writing your HTML.

So if you don’t understand how those methods above modify arrays, 

then it will be difficult for you to write your react codes and understand them.

You also need to understand the concept of immutability, otherwise you will be lost when learning React.

And also need to understand how asynchronous code works and how you can write your own using promises and callbacks.

This is because it is used a lot of time in React.

You need to know the general concept of modules. There’s a possibility you are familiar with this,

But, knowing how to install node modules, use and import them, 

and having modules inside of your own codes is important to understand.

This is because if you don’t learn them  in JavaScript online first and understand it, 

Then, it will be difficult for you to understand or use in React.

Lastly, you need to understand the general concepts related to ES6, because React uses them a lot.



Conclusion On Learn JavaScript Online First Before Learning React


It’s important to understand almost everything in React is just plain JavaScript,

and if you learn JavaScript online first very well, when switching to React, it will be very easy for you,

as you only have to learn a few React specific things.




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