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Successful Freelancer Habits To Become A Successful Freelancer

When it comes to success in freelancing a lot of freelancers,

thinks it is all about finding a secret that would help them get clients faster,

and in a way this is someway true.

The Problem is, without developing a habit, that you make part of your identity or lifestyle, even with secrets,

it will be very difficult for you to become successful in freelancing.

According to  Book 5 of Aristotle’s Metaphysics,


An Image Of Aristotle Metaphysics 5 explaining Habits

Image Source: Bloomsbury


Aristotle states that, habits means a disposition according to which that which is disposed is either well or ill disposed, 

and either in itself or with reference to something else“.


An Image Of The Greek Philosopher Aristotle who explains habit

Image Source: World History Encyclopedia


According to experts,” it takes about 21 days to break or develop new habit patterns of medium complexity”

In essence, you can develop successful freelance habits only if you are determined.


Key Points

  1. The Kind Of Successful Freelancer Habits To Develop To Become  Successful In Freelancing.
  2. You Will Get To Know How To Manage Your Time To Become A Successful Freelancer.





The Top Successful Freelancer Habits To Become A Successful Freelancer


  1. Building A Relationship With Your Clients.
  2. Always Keep Learning.
  3. Tracking Your Time.



1. Building A Relationship With Your Clients:


This is very important because you are a freelancer and you are not working for an organization,

In essence, don’t be the kind of freelancer who just wants to get paid by a client,

This is because your client wants you to relate with them on a personal level.

Although, unknowingly to you and sometimes even to them.

This is why after you done with a project for a client,

you can take your client for lunch and get to know them even more, 


An Image Of A Female Client And A Female Freelancer Having Lunch As One Of The Habits Freelancers Needs To Develop To Become A Successful Freelancer
A Client And A Freelancer Having Lunch

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The more you engage in this habit, with your clients, you will notice new clients would start telling you, 

They were recommended to you by a friend, who was your previous client.

In essence, you shouldn’t be freelancer that only cares about himself.

In fact, you can also develop this habit with your team and friends, by taking them out for lunch too.

The more you do this successful Freelancer Habits, the more your ratings on Fiverr,

and other freelancing platforms will improve.




2. Always Keep Learning:

Again, you are a freelancer and you are not working for an organization.

Unlike an organization, you don’t need to worry about your tools getting updated,

or better and latest softwares being available as the organization sorts that out for thier team.

As a Freelancer, you need to stay updated, even if you forget this, always remember,

we are yet to fully utilize the power of the internet“.

In essence, there will always be update to tools and softwares. Aside tools and softwares,

you need to carve out time to keep learning because as a Freelancer, it’s expected you should know,

how to market your brand, advertise your brand, have good communication skills, and also have knowledge in accounting.

We are not saying, you have to become the best in this skills as obviously as a freelancer, 

you are a businessman and you will always be busy, but what we are saying is,

you should develop the habit of learning everyday. Learning 30 minutes daily on a 20 hours course on YouTube,

means you should be able to finish the course in one month and 10 days.

The more you do this, you will start noticing how much you have improved your freelancing skills over time.

And this new habit will help you to become a successful Freelancer.




3. Tracking Your Time:

It’s very important as a Freelancer you should be able to know what takes your time the most.

This is because your greatest asset is your time. You need to understand or know:


  • How long do you talk with your clients?
  •  The amount of time you spend talking with your prospects?
  •   How long do you spend on a proposal?.


we actually have an article on: Marketing Yourself As Freelancer To Your Prospect


You need to track your time, so you get to understand, if a project is going to be profitable,

or if you have to stop a project because you have overrun it.

The good news is, there are best time tracking apps like:

  • Boomr:With Boomr you get to automate timesheets and overtime alerts.
  • Daycast: With Daycast you are able to plan your day,

so you can concentrate on high value project and track your time accurately.

So, developing this freelancer habit of tracking your time will help you become a  professional and a successful freelancer.




Conclusion On The Successful Freelancer Habits To Become A Successful Freelancer


Developing a positive habit is never easy, but as long as you are a freelancer,

it shows you have a consistent habit of growth.

This is because you learnt and developed your freelancing skills.

In essence, with similar determination you will be able to develop these top habits to become a successful freelancer.






I hope we have been able to brighten your mind,

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