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The Big Problem With HTML- Latest Update

As we know HTML is the acronym for HyperText Markup Language.

HTML was invented by a physicist called Tim Berners- Lee of CERN. It was created with the intention of,

It being used as a simple format for people to share useful,

static documents that you can refer to one another with hyperlinks.

It was publicly available on the internet in the year 1991. The original design was very simple.

As it had just 18 types of elements. Today the HTML specifications in PDF format are 1156 pages long.




The Problem With HTML

HTML is growing every year in complexity and this is the same with CSS and JavaScript.

This actually means the world wide web is moving too fast.

One thing to understand is the fact, your web page is more likely to not,

behave the same in different web browsers, due to the complexity of HTML and CSS.

In fact,HTML is so complex that you can’t create a Web browser from scratch.

We have actually talked about CSS in a previous article

CSS Problems Are Humans- This Is Why

But you need to understand the complexity of CSS is so amazing as you can do animations with it.

This actually means the cascading style sheet is no longer a style sheet anymore and this ought not be so.

Because there is JavaScript which is more than capable of doing animations.

With CSS being used for animations it’s safe to say your webpage might look nice on Microsoft Edge and doesn’t look good on Mozilla Firefox.





We are not saying HTML is a terrible markup language, but we are actually complaining about its complexity over the years.

As we know the web is growing at a rapid rate especially with the introduction of web 3.0,

We can only imagine how much the web will grow 10 years from now.

HTML,as you know, was created or meant for static pages ,

but a lot of developers use it to support the coolest features on their web pages.

And when you continuously do this, one day, HTML will end up crumbling on its own weight.

Well, the big Problem with HTML  is,it is meant  for static pages and not for web applications.



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