Website Backup Importance And Solutions (Free Backups)

Website Backup Importance And Solutions (Free Backups)


Website backup and its importance is something most website owners don’t take seriously because they bought a top-notch web hosting plan as well as they are using a very strong password. But with all these being mentioned it is very important to perform website backups now and often.


This is because a recent backup of your website can help you in many situations from losing important data to your website getting hacked.


Having to back up your website doesn’t take more than a few minutes to get your backup file ready.

In this article, we are going to show you the reasons why you should back up your website as well as ways to back up your website. It doesn’t matter if your website was developed or designed.





The Importance Of Website Backup

  1. Protection Against Hackers.
  2. Make It Easy To Create a Testing Version of Your Website.
  3. Protection Against Human Errors.
  4. Resolves Malware Infections.
  5.  Prevent Loss of Data.



1. Protection Against Hackers Is One Of The Importance Of  Website Backups


This is arguably the most obvious reason as there are times hackers or attackers would want to access your website to steal valuable information. This could be your brand identity or secret or credit card details. It actually varies depending on what your website is about.

But sometimes they might want to breach an account with administrative privileges, by changing credentials to lock you out of your website.

You shouldn’t let this happen, this is why it’s most important to have or enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) enabled on your website. If there is a hack or you suspect change with your administrative privileges there are three ways to proceed but there is a possibility you might end up using just one depending on the situation:

  • Getting or Having access to your account through your email
  • Contact your web hosting provider for assistance in getting access to your account.
  • Restore a backup from your Control panel or hosting panel

Like we said earlier on, a backup would be best because there is a possibility the email of your website might be changed, and also the hosting company not responding to you on time.

So a backup is a better option as you can restore the backup to update your credentials or details as well as lock attackers or hackers out.

This is why it’s among our website backup importance


2. Make It Easy To Create a Testing Version of Your Website


Whenever you feel or would like to change or make an update to your website, the best or safest way to get this done is by using a testing environment

When you use a testing environment,

when something goes wrong during or after the update, you can keep it from affecting your active or live website.

To get this done, you simply need what’s known as a staging site There are actually many ways that you can go about creating a staging site. This is because they are actually very easy to understand and mostly straightforward.

But what’s more important is you have a recent backup of your website as this will enable you to get a staging copy in minutes.

This is why it’s among our website backup importance





3. Protection Against Human Errors Is One Of The Importance Of Website  Backups


If there is one thing notable about humans is the fact no one is perfect as we are all prone to make mistakes from time to time such as making a change on your website that breaks some functionality or deleting an important file on your website and many more

To make this, imagine that an important part of your website ceases to work. You have two options:


  • If you are a programmer you would be familiar with the term, identify or redefine the problem and solve it.
  • Restoring your website’s most recent backup and move on


When you consider the first method, it can actually be quick or sometimes take a lot of time but most times it depends on how serious the problem is.

When you consider the second method, your website runs quickly but only if you have enough or recent backup, when you got enough backup you won’t lose any valuable data.

What you need to understand is that these backups can save you in rough or tough situations where you or someone makes a mistake on your website.

In fact, it would be best to make  frequent backups from time to time (keep reading as we will show you how to get this backup done)

This is why it’s among our website backup importance




4. Resolves Malware Infections


This is actually an infection most website owners don’t take seriously, this is because they actually see malware infections as something that only affects a personal computer.

Unsurprisingly, a lot of top engaging websites are infected with a kind of malware or the other and a lot of these websites are vulnerable to it.

The truth is, that proactiveness with your website security is not enough to stop hackers or attackers from using malicious techniques on your website. In fact just because you own a small website or a blog or sales page doesn’t mean you are safe.

It’s well known that WordPress users, most times face threats from bots as those bots are always looking for vulnerabilities to exploit.

The worst kind of Malware you can encounter is troubleshooting malware, this is because you can’t really tell when your website is 100% clean and even if you can tell if your website is clean and you don’t identify and patch the hole that causes the infection, you will always remain vulnerable. This is why it’s of utmost importance to always have a backup ready as this can help you get your website clean faster.

This is why it’s among our website backup importance


5. Prevention Of Loss of Data Is One Of The Importance Of Website Backups


Loss of data is not something new because in the past we have seen blogs whose entire libraries of content were deleted because they gave certain users too many privileges as well as users not knowing what they were doing.

In fact, there are situations too where data loss occurred even when no human error was involved, in essence even if your team knows what they are doing, data loss is possible.

This is why it’s very important to have a full backup of your website in place and not just your website, but your personal data too.

Most times it’s best to have multiple backups available. These days you can save your backup to the cloud, Google Drive, and Dropbox . But we highly recommend the cloud.

This is why it’s among our website backup importance




How To Back Up Your Website?


1. You can actually back up your website by using the control panel of your hosting(click the link to follow the steps).

Although using the control panel varies as every web hosting control panel is different but you can check out the link above to see if it helps.


2. You can use a plugin on WordPress called the Updraft Plus plugin Click the link to follow the steps.


Updraft Plus Plugin




Summary Of  Website Backup And Its Importance

It’s very important you have multiple backups as well as utmost importance to upload your backup to the cloud.


I hope We have been able to brighten your mind, if this article was very helpful, please let us know in the comments, and lastly please share and subscribe for more by Signing up and getting notified. Thank you!



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