Wordpress Developers Will Overrule Web Developers In The Future(This is why)

WordPress Developers Will Overrule Web Developers In The Future(This is why)

WordPress Developers will overrule web developers because, for a long time, WordPress developers have been overlooked by web developers or people who code websites from scratch because they feel WordPress Developers are majorly just designing as it is famously called "drag and drop".

But, web developers fail to understand the more they overlook WordPress, the more WordPress keeps getting more and more popular, if there is one thing we all know is the fact a niche that is popular or getting more popular always opens the door for competition and with more and more languages being created they would be forced to compete with WordPress which was created with PHP and this would cause the decline or the overruling of web developers by WordPress developers and Web Designers as a whole, But before we dive into why WordPress is getting more popular and how it will overrule web developers more  in the future, let’s find out what WordPress is and its history.


What Is WordPress?

WordPress is actually an open-source content management system (CMS) that is a very popular website builder which powers more than 43% of all websites on the internet. WordPress has actually come a long way as it didn’t start out smoothly. In fact, WordPress was created because the development of an existing blogging software b2/cafelogwas discontinued by their main developers.


This made two users of b2/cafelog, Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little create a new platform on top of b2/cafelog. But what Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little didn’t realize is they would create a platform called WordPress on March 27th, 2003 with the sole aim for users to create blogs but instead benefitting millions of users consisting of web developers, designers, bloggers, and Web publishers.

What is WordPress Used For?

WordPress is a very popular tool for individuals that lack the coding experience to build websites and blogs. The good news is the software is free, as anyone can install, use and modify it.

Like we said earlier, WordPress was solely created with the aim to create blogs. Today the software has improved so much that you can create any type of website you want, from an e-commerce website, business websites, mobile applications , Bitcoin investment websites, online banking websites, Forex broker websites , membership sites, professional portfolios, etc.




Now, Why is WordPress So Popular, And How Will WordPress Developers Overrule Web Developers In The Future?

If you have been reading from the beginning of this article I believe you can fix some of the puzzles, but we are going to fix the unfixed puzzles.

WordPress is very popular because it has countless features from contact forms, SEO-friendly plugins, sliders, chatbots for customers or visitors, and many more.

Some of the features being mentioned are what Web Developers would code from scratch, In fact, Web Developers see WordPress as cheating because it defies or goes against problem-solving.

But is that really true?


The truth is, the demand for WordPress websites is massive, this is because Web developers charge higher because they code from scratch thanks to their problem-solving skills but this is a problem because they can’t offer competitive pricing.

In fact, this is why web developers are always seeking jobs from foreign companies, because small business owners and freelancers can’t pay them according to their demands.

One of the benefits of using WordPress is it obeys Parkinson’s law”work expands to fill the time available for its completion”. This actually means if it takes a web developer 3 weeks to develop a website from scratch, then by using WordPress a Web designer can design 4 websites if not more within that same timeframe.


Not so fast


An individual must learn how WordPress works to achieve such feats as this is the only way to understand how you can customize the WordPress system to fit your client’s needs.


 Web Developers Should Start Using WordPress Because WordPress Developers Would Overrule them In The Future, But This Is Why?


  1. WordPress Saves Time
  2. WordPress is 100% free to use
  3.  WordPress Makes SEO Easy
  4.  WordPress Is Responsive And Mobile Friendly
  5.  WordPress Supports Multiple Content Types
  6.  WordPress Is Not Just Drag And Drop
  7.  WordPress Has A Large Global, Supportive Community



  1. WordPress Saves Time



Just as I mentioned Parkinson’s law, it is obvious WordPress saves time, How?


WordPress saves time because anyone can learn the basics of WordPress very fast because it’s easy.

Another thing to note is, that most websites designed with WordPress use similar tools which make designing faster unlike Web development one has to be careful of syntax errors and the most frustrating if not the most depressing of them all, logic errors which are most times unknown to a web developer.

No doubt, WordPress also uses the front-end language from HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery but the Backend functionality is majorly based on PHP.




2.  WordPress is 100% free to use


WordPress is actually free to use as you can use WordPress and all its awesome tools without spending a dime. This is because WordPress is an open-source project with thousands of developers always contributing to improving it constantly.

You can actually download the WordPress software for free at WordPress.org. Then, you link your installation to a database and you’re all set.

Or you use a website hosting like Namecheap or Bluehost , as they automatically offer a WordPress installation tool. The moment you sign up for Namecheap or Bluehost, they will install the software for you to start using and this is one of the reasons WordPress developers will overrule web developers.



3.  WordPress makes SEO easy,

Just This Alone is Enough To Make WordPress Developers Overrule Web Developers

This is something most Web Developers don’t know due to ignorance.

I once met someone and I got the opportunity of seeing his resume as he was a front-end Developer good in his field.


He actually owns a blog site that talks about coding but the problem here is the fact he has owned that blog for almost a year but the blog content was yet to be indexed by Google, if you read our previous article here (link), we made it obvious Google ranks or indexed content that has value and adds value to the Google world or Google users but when you fail to understand SEO, the possibility of Google crawling your website is as realistic as never due to millions of websites being crawled daily and Google's algorithmconstantly updated.

The good news is with WordPress there are SEO plugins (if you don’t understand what are plugins click here) that attract visitors and regular traffic to your website, such as Yoast SEO plugin for your WordPress Website and this is one of the reasons why WordPress developers will overrule web developers in the future.

Note: if you don’t know how to use the Yoast SEO plugin please let us know in the comments as we can help you.



4. WordPress Is Automatically Responsive And Mobile-Friendly

As This Is One Of The Reasons WordPress Developers Will Overrule Web Developers


There is no doubt that Web Developers are aware of the concept of mobile responsive and mobile-friendly due to a cascading style sheet(CSS) property called Media Queries.

The problem with media queries is what we have discussed before, takes time, and the possibility of syntax errors especially when working on a website with lots of pages and categories i.e an E-commerce website.

Websites created with WordPress are automatically responsive and mobile-friendly due to the themes being used like Divi and Avada themes.

In essence, the only way a WordPress website ends up not mobile responsive or friendly is if the designer tampers or doesn’t edit the theme to his style or taste properly. Otherwise, it’s safe to say WordPress websites are automatically mobile-responsive and mobile-friendly

This is actually good news because according to statistics 50% of all traffic on the web is Mobile-based. These statistics prove more and more users are getting to use mobile phones more and also show how important Mobile-responsive and mobile friendliness is. Web Developer code multiple contents from scratch but when a client wants you to remove or edit the color of such contents and you fail to use Sass then it takes time to correct and this is one of the reasons  WordPress developers will overrule web developers in the future.




5. WordPress supports multiple content types



As we mentioned earlier on, WordPress is not limited to writing blog posts and attaching an image to them as you can actually enrich or beautify visitors’ experience or user experience by adding more diverse media onto your web pages such as video or audio.

A WordPress developer can actually embed some content from other platforms too like Tweets, YouTube videos, and Instagram photos. Just name it, WordPress got you covered whereas a Web Developer would have to code from scratch to get this done using HTML DOM to define video elements or tags, etc.


6. WordPress is Not Just Drag And Drop


Web Developers always feel Web designers or WordPress Developers aren’t problem solvers but the truth is if Web designers just focus on themes or the design of the website then the website functionality.

Would the website work efficiently?

When it comes to creating a website with WordPress it’s very important to get the technical features right and the good news is with WordPress you have unlimited possibilities when it comes to creativity as with plugins you can speed up your website, add email opt-in forms, create backups of your site, create an online shop for your client, create a payment system, tracking system for logistics, increase the security of your website. To be honest, the possibilities of WordPress plugins are almost unlimited these days and this is one of the reasons why it will dominate web developers.

NOTE: plugins are usually from third parties, so they are not in any way together with your WordPress theme.

As it is very important to make sure you need a certain plugin before installation or installing it.


7. WordPress Has A Large Global, Supportive Community

This has proved to be helpful because whatever problem you facing on your WordPress website, someone else if not a lot of people has experienced that problem before.

If you need help concerning back-end functionalities, anyone in the WordPress community skilled with PHP and MySQL can help you to solve the problem


Note: You can also check the difference between SQL and NoSQL here

If you have front-end challenges, basic knowledge of HTML and CSS would help you thanks to W3school.

But always know whatever problems you face the WordPress community is always there to assist you.











Summary Of Why We Think  WordPress Developers Will Overrule Web Developers In The Future

1.WordPress obeys Parkinson’s law

2. WordPress is completely free

3. WordPress is not just “drag and drop”

4. Big names such as CNN, Sony Music,eBay, Forbes, and MTV news uses WordPress.


I hope We have been able to brighten your mind with Why WordPress developers will overrule Web Developers In the future, if this article was very helpful, please let us know in the comments, and lastly please subscribe for more by Signing up. Thank you!


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